Daviello Wrongful Conviction

Daviello Overlooking

Well everyone, things did not go as planned, Judge Lisa Chung just pretty much ignored all of the information that was brought up in the motion for retrial(I don’t think she has EVER granted a motion for retrial, what’s up with that) so now we are headed to the appeals process and hopefully we can get some relief at that stage but we are looking at probably another year for that to happen, it is truly a shame that a innocent person has to go through all this red tape and jump through hoops while loosing the most precious and productive years of his life for some one to eventually come back and say OOP’S my bad, we made a mistake, this is just plain  old fashion bullshit, this system is just pitiful and truly needs to be revamped . on this website you will get an idea of what went on and what took place and as you will see, there is no way possible that 12 Jurors should have been able to come back with a guilty verdict, after the trial was over we found out that the witnesses were paid for their testimony and at this stage I would not be surprised if something didn’t go on with the jury as well, one day I was coming back to the courthouse from a break and in the parking lot the lead juror pulled up close to me ,when she realized it was me she almost doo dood on herself, she was the lead Juror but wasn’t paying any attention to the video the defense was playing,(she had already made up her mind) so there is still some mystery about what went on behind closed doors of the deliberation room, but it is very clear that it should have been impossible to convict a person without one physical shred of evidence and everything else in the trial was just a joke, this whole thing was pretty pitiful. Keep Daviello in your prayer’s, eventually justice will be served. If you want to know a little more about the story Just go to the titles on your left hand side, Motion For New Trial, CNN I Reports for the story and Faces Of Injustice to see Satin’s son and Daughter

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”
“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

Martin Luther King

Martin Luther King, Jr.


  1. Jonathan we will fight until you’re free if we have to stand alone love you baby.!!!

  2. You know...

    I once knew a man,
    Started out a good man,
    but like myself, that man grew to be faulty.
    The beginning had mad love,
    Just like the true, as they say, from up above; but as time went on that man also grew to be salty.
    Strongly striving on his own, deep in self; know he’s “grown”, never let no ONE tell him ANY different.
    In the end… it was vanity you know, crept in… tried to take our very soul; the couldn’t seem to grasp… there was no diffrence, only divergence.

  3. We are continuing in prayer and believing GOD to do what only He can do in the heart of those in Authority concerning Jonathan. We love you and care…

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