davi blk and red                                                            Daviello

Does This Look Like a Notorious Rolling Sixties Crip To You   

I know anything is possible but more than likely if you are a so called notorious Rolling Sixties Crip you would probably have taken this picture in a blue suit rather than red and you would for sure have 60 tattooed somewhere on your body, and by the time you were 24 you would have some kind of criminal record and field identification cards stating that you were a gang member(This kid had no Rolling Sixties tattoos, no criminal record, no field identification cards,(NOTHING!!!!)  the main deputy from operation safe streets had never seen him before, despite having known everyone else that was involved in the murder trial, including the felon witnesses). This was all true during the preliminary hearing but everything changed in trial, the same deputy,(deputy Welle) who had said he had never seen Daviello before, now gets up on the witness stand and says he has seen Daviello throwing up Rolling Sixties gang signs and all of a sudden you have a FAKE field identification card that is produced by a deputy Nemeth at Mens Central Jail, it was shown that detective Brandt House, (who is the main detective on this case) and deputy Nemeth had been corresponding back and fourth on the same day this FAKE field identification card was produced, also after the trial was over it was discovered that both Felon witnesses for the DA (who were suspects in the murder and had been seen at the location of the crime by civilians) were Paid 20 thousand for their testimonies, (This was not known during the trial, but I guess that would help explain partially why the DA would go to the airport and personally pick up the Felon witness Anthony Palmer.) Now the scariest part of this whole ordeal is that for some unknown reason they have put down for the record that Daviello murdered a police officer and that remains on his record right today as we speak,(he is on a level four yard with that on his record) we have had four different Attorneys and none of them have been able to get this lie removed.Last but not least which is the icing on the cake, that is the fact that we sent in a complaint about detective house to his superiors and they did a little weak in house investigation of which of course there was going to be found no wrongdoing, but after the investigation detective House was furious so what he did was called up his buddy Judge Porras out of West Los Angeles who knew nothing about this trial, is in a completely different area and should have had nothing to do with this situation,decided they would issued a court order, had it sealed so no one could find out what was going on, and then removed Daviello out of his school dorm and into K10 solitary confinement (THE HOLE) for three months,(K10 is for Mob bosses, cereal killers,cop killers and child molesters,) afterwitch we started posting info with their names ALL over the internet, we sent Judge Porras a personal letter and he soon disappeared from West Los Angeles, detective House told my Attorney to tell us to take down our websites and they would let Daviello out of K10, we did what he ask and the next day they let him out of K10 and the court order mysteriously became missing in action,it just disappeared into thin air, Huuuum!!!!! 

Jonathan (Daviello) Duke was given 25 years to life with gang enhancements without any physical evidence that he was a Rolling Sixties Crip of whom he was suppose to be acting on the behalf of and No physical evidence that he was anywhere near the scene of the crime, he was convicted in Lancaster California solely on what this Felon witness, (Anthony Palmer) had to sayOn the block,in the trenches.10thst Husslaz' — with Pistolgrip Spade. who said he seen Daviello  SWiNG at the victim. By the way Anthony Palmer and the victim fought over a girl and the victim was thought to be the reason Anthony Palmer was previously sent to jail, (HOW COULD THIS MAN BE A  CREDIBLE WITNESS!!!!!!!) in police work 101 this man would be considered the PRIME SUSPECT, WOW!!!!!, DA Jonathan Chung must have been real desperate when he paid this kid all that money, but then again that’s just how arrogant the DA’S up in the Antelope Valley are, cause they know they are protected and can operate above the law.

Daviello goes up for his appeal hearing this month, our Attorney says she has enough to get it overturned, if that is the case Daviello is going to have a tough time getting back on his feet,he has been in jail for three years ,has lost his business as a top dog breeder in Southern Cal, was also an up and coming recording artist who had performed with many main stream artist and was on the verge of breaking through, if the verdict is overturned and we have to go back to trial that will be extremely expensive as well so either way he is going to need some help, if you would like to help out just Click The Button Below!!!!! ,Thank you very much, Team Daviello.

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