Daviello Wrongful Conviction

This is the man that called my house 0n Dec 26, 2013 and ask me to email him the information I had on his corrupt deputy’s and detectives and exactly what had taken place because he wanted to look into this case personally but then stepped down from office approximately two weeks later Lee Baca story in picture write up

DA Jonathan Chung, Judge Lisa Chung, Detective Brandt House and everyone else in the LA County Justice Department who is involved in taking away precious time from this young man and others, their lives will soon be impacted in a major way cause as my  cousin use to say “God don’t like ugly.” These people from the head District Attorney Jackie Lacy to the lowest of the low on the totem pole, are ALL corrupt to the core and if there are a few good ones sprinkled off in the bunch, they are just as guilty because they know what is taking place and won’t say anything or do anything and still choose to be apart so that is called being guilty by association, these people are just disgustingly EVIL, but let me end on this note, here is a man that has allowed all kinds of injustice and corruption to be aflicked upon thousands of young men and women(this is just one case he has confessed to) and he is only going to get six months, we as a people have no say in the issue and can’t do anything about it (just shows how pitiful we are) but If they are going to issue Daviello a life sentence for some guy who is a known felon who we know was paid 10k to say he seen Daviello swing at someone, Lee Baca should get not six months but six life sentences ( he should go to the afterlife and comeback and still be locked up). The system has us so brainwashed that they truly make us feel like they have done something when they bring these corrupt people to the fore front and give them a slap on the wrist, WOW!!! all of these people are a joke, even the ones that are doing the prosecuting need to be put in jail, 6 months ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!!!!!!

Jonathan Blue sky

Hello every one I know it may seem like things have died down but this is just the calm before the storm it’s kind of like a tornado up in the clouds, and you don’t realize it is coming until it touches ground and then all hell breaks loose, we will be dropping out of the clouds very soon and justice WILL!!!! be served. Remember people, Jonathan Duke is serving a life sentence because Anthony Palmer (a known Felon) was pressured by Detective Brandt House,( Los Angeles County Sheriffs Debt) and paid 10,000 DOLLARS under the authority of the Los Angeles County Prosecutors office, specifically prosecutor Jonathan Chung,to say that he saw Jonathan Duke swing at somebody,THAT’S IT that is what this whole life sentence thing is about. Now even though Jonathan didn’t swing at anyone, just think about this for a moment, If they are giving out Life sentences for swinging at somebody, WE ALL SHOULD BE IN JAIL. If you want to know a little more about the story Just go to the titles above, Motion For New Trial, CNN I Reports for the story and Faces Of Injustice to see Satin’s son and Daughter

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”
“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

Martin Luther King

Martin Luther King, Jr.